In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services and Prices

We provide in-home veterinary services for pets in Tampa Bay, Florida, and surrounding areas.


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Virtual Pet Quality of Life Consultations

We will connect with you via Google Meet and talk to you about your pet’s condition and quality of life. If we have never examined your pet in person, we are unable to give a diagnosis or prescribe treatment. We can talk to you about your pet’s disease(s), discuss what to expect, talk to you about quality of life for you and your pet, and help you navigate the hardest part about being a pet owner. If you are not comfortable with video, we can conduct this consultation by phone. 45-60min – $225. Prior to this consultation, please fill out our Quality of Life form.

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House Call Pet Hospice or Palliative Care Visit

Any condition that is terminal or will limit your pet’s quality of life moving forward can be addressed with palliative medicine. Our goal is to keep your pet happy and comfortable at home!

Hospice/Palliative Care Consult $650 (plus any medications or treatments administered) in Pinellas County. Based on mileage outside the county. The hospice visit includes a Virtual Quality of Life Consultation followed by an in-home visit. The house call generally takes 1-2 hours. A home euthanasia visit is not included.

(Includes records review, quality of life evaluation, detailed history, examination by Certified Hospice Veterinarian, detailed plan for care, communication with your veterinarian, discount on home euthanasia, and 90 days of phone and email consultations for your pet.)

Recheck examinations $375 in Pinellas County. Based on mileage outside the county.

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In-Home Pet Euthanasia and Hospice Care

We can help you say goodbye to your pet on your first visit. A Hospice/Palliative consultation is not required. We can also provide a house call Euthanasia with no aftercare. If you prefer to bury your pet or work directly with a crematory of your choice, please let us know. Click here to learn more about burial guidelines.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Visits

(Pricing is by zip code and distance (75 mile radius) from Seminole, FL – we will provide an exact price for you with your zip code and pet’s weight (if selecting cremation). You can call or text us at 727-210-5517 or email [email protected]

Prices start at:

  • $400 Pinellas
  • $450 Hillsborough and Pasco
  • $500 Manatee
  • For travel, consultation with the veterinarian, sedation, and compassionate euthanasia.

Pets 75 pounds or more: additional $50

Additional pet euthanasia at same visit: $225

Aggressive or extremely anxious pets requiring special handling: $150

Aftercare (Cremation)

We use Pet Angel
The doctor or technician will transport your pet and will treat them with dignity and respect at all times.

Treasured Memories is a specially priced package that includes private cremation with choice of one of six urns. A clay paw print and urn engraving are included with this package (over $100 extra if added individually). The engraving may be etched into the urn itself or engraved on an attachable brass name plate. The engraving is for your pet’s first name only and is limited to 15 characters.

  • Cats: $400
  • Dogs under 40 pounds: $400
  • Dogs 40 – 74.9 pounds: $425

Private Cremation (your pet is cremated by themselves, and their ashes are returned to you)

  • Pocket Pets under 2 pounds (rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc.): $125
  • Cats: $375
  • Dogs under 40 pounds: $375
  • Dogs 40 – 74.9 pounds: $400

*If your pet weighs 75 pounds or over, we can assist you with arranging for a local crematory to pick up your pet after our visit.

Communal Cremation (your pet is cremated with other pets, and the ashes are not returned to you)

  • Pocket Pets: $50
  • Cats: $200
  • Dogs under 40 pounds: $200
  • Dogs 40 – 74.9 pounds: $230

*If your pet weighs 75 pounds or over, we can assist you with arranging for a local crematory to pick up your pet after our visit.

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From routine appointments to emergency situations or surgeries, the CareCredit card gives pet owners the peace of mind needed to care for pets big and small. Unlike traditional pet financing or veterinary payment plans, the CareCredit credit card gives you the flexibility to use your card again and again for your pet’s procedures. You can apply for a card below or pay your bill right here on our website! Clients must have an invoice to use the “Pay Now” button.

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Benefits of a payment plan:

  • Split treatment costs into smaller monthly (or bi-weekly) payments
  • Not a credit card
  • No deferred interest or membership fees
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