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I would like to take a moment on behalf of myself, my family and most of all, Miss Kitty to send our love, and deepest gratitude to this lady and to Helping Hands Pet Hospice. This is the second time this wonderful veterinarian has come to our home to help with the peaceful passing of one of our furry children. (The last time was with my sweet boy, Rimmie.) The compassion, gentle care, and attention to every detail during this most difficult time is unsurpassed with Helping Hands. The BEST aspect, is that your furry child doesn’t have to go to a cold, sterile office that they often associate with needles, scary things and smells, to face the end of their journey. Instead, Dr. Andrews (or Dr. Buisson) will come TO YOUR HOME, where your furry child may go to sleep peacefully in your arms or in their favorite chair, blankie, bed or wherever is the most comforting to them. 
How many of US wish we could peacefully pass in our sleep, in our own bed surrounded by the love of our family…to have that be the last thing we ever see as we close our eyes and drift into a peaceful sleep??? This is EXACTLY the way your baby will walk forward with Helping Hands. ❤️🙏 It is the most loving , beautiful end of the journey gift your pet could ever know…in familiar surroundings in the arms of the person they love most. 
I hope that all my friends will consider this option when the time comes for your furry loved ones. Visit:
THANK YOU again, Dr. Andrews. Your professionalism, care and compassion are unsurpassed and you  have our eternal gratitude and our love. ❤️🙏
Cynthia L.

Helping hands was exactly what we needed during such a difficult time. The care and love they provided to our lily (20 year old cat) and us was truly something we will cherish forever. We are so thankful to helping hands for taking care of our lily on her last day with us and for their compassion and understanding! Thank you again!!
Reggine B.

When it came time to make the very hard decision to lay our sweet Buddy to rest, there was no one else in my mind to turn to for help. Dr. B and her entire staff are dedicated to make this entire process as natural and painless as possible. Every question was answered, every bit of doubt was addressed with kind but realistic answers and expectations. We felt safe, comfortable and respected. Buddy was able to pass on without pain, fear or discomfort. He was dignified in his departure. I am so grateful that this is an option and this is where veterinary medicine shines.
Amanda J.

The day we had to put our cat down was the hardest day of my life. We were so happy we chose Helping Hands to come out to us so we didn’t have to take our baby to the vet. From the moment we opened the door and met Dr. Andrews, we knew we made the right choice. She was so kind and compassionate. Dr. Andrews was very patient and gave us as much time as we needed before and after to say goodbye to our sweet DC. She explained the process and took her time making sure we were comfortable during each stage. She was also so sweet to our baby, which meant more to me than anything else. I am so glad we were able to give our baby this final gift of passing at home on his patio and so glad we chose Helping Hands to help him cross the rainbow bridge.

Katrina H.

Dr.Andrews was a blessing not only was she caring and compassionate with me but also the other animals in the home, She showed nothing but concern for my old man Jack taking the time to make sure he was relaxed and not frightened by anything. She used discretion with her tools and was very sympathetic.
The other animals stayed by Jack’s side while he passed and what a blessing that was. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find this wonderful place that treats your furkid just like the family they are, and no trip to a cold sterile vet office for about the same price- which was so worth it in every way.
Dr. Andrews and Staff excelled in all ways you would expect on this difficult day. Thank you just seem sufficient but it’s all I have 💕

Mary O.

We will be forever grateful for the compassionate care our Beautiful Bella received from Dr. Andrews. She was thoughtful in dealing with my husband and me and exceptional in easing our girl over the Rainbow Bridge.
Robyn Y.

Dr. B helped us through every step of the way in Nita’s journey over the Rainbow Bridge. My husband and I found her to be caring, considerate, kind and compassionate in one of our most difficult times. I would highly recommend Dr. B and Helping Hands.
Karen J.

I truly can not thank Dr. Andrews enough for her caring spirit and compassion with my boy scotch. He was one of a kind and strong and to have to take this step was one of the hardest things. Dr. Andrews was kind, understanding and the best one to help Scotch in a way I could not. Your service is a blessing to those of us who love the pets we have loved and lost. I still look for him to show up, and this will get better. Thank you again for the care you showed to my buddy.
Judith S.

I heard about Helping Hands Pet Hospice from my vet, Dr. Tripp. From the moment Jona answered the phone to the time Dr. Andrews drove off with my pet angel, Sammy, I knew I made the right decision. Jona’s voice alone was very soothing, comforting, & understanding. Dr. Andrews couldn’t have been more professional yet compassionate at the same time. Our difficult experience couldn’t have been more peaceful for our 14 year old maltese, Sammy. Sammy was able to fall into his eternal sleep in his own home while I was able to hold him & kiss & love on him. I can’t say enough what a wonderful service Helping Hands offers in such a difficult time. Thank you for so much for easing our worries.
Irene Z.

I had never heard of Helping Hands Pet Hospice. I mentioned to a friend that it was time to say goodbye to my beloved Penny. She told me about this service, and I am forever grateful for that conversation. I personally interacted with Jona and Dr. Andrews, and I just can’t say enough about their compassion and guidance thru this very sad time. Dr. Andrews is, without a doubt, the most compassionate and caring person. She made the most unbearable situation a more peaceful experience. I thank God that I made the call to Helping Hands and that she was there to help my sweet girl in the most gentle way possible. Dr. Andrew, you will always hold a special place in our hearts for your kindness and care.
Susan & Mike M.

I cannot say enough beautiful things about Dr. Andrews and Helping Hands Pet Hospice! Dr. Andrews comforted my family and me as she helped my 21-year-old kitty cat, Skeeter, transition into his next life and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort of our home. She treated him as if he were her own pet, gently petting him and making him feel as comfortable as possible during the transition. It was peaceful. Sadly, death is a part of life, but we were privileged to have him for 21 years and truly blessed with the care and compassion Dr. Andrews provided to us.
Kristi S.

Good not have hoped for things to be any better. Kindness, compassion my furry friend was calm and at ease before we even started.

Thank you and I highly recommend your service to anyone who is in need.

Richard W.

Sophie was a timid cat. Having someone come to the home relieved the stress of stuffing her in a carrier and driving her. The pandemic prevents you from being with your pet too. Despite the hiccup of Sophie being frightened by the vet because she was a stranger, the vet was calm and compassionate. It is a tough decision to euthanize your beloved pet, but the hardest thing we can do is be the kindest for them.
Loretta S

Dr. Buisson is wonderful. We had our dog mojo for over 16 years and we were dreading the inevitable but she made it a comfortable experience for him and for us and I could not be more grateful. Thank you again for your kindness and caring.
Paul E.

Really changed our family perception of ‘how bad it’s going to be’. Our family dog, Marley of 13 years, our only child Kurt’s best friend since age 5 was beside himself at what needed to be done to help our beloved Marley end his suffering after a fight with cancer. Now 18 years old he was sooooo relieved when it was complete. Dr. Andrews was professional, compassionate, and patient with our Marley. The process was nothing like our son had feared or I had experienced before in the veterinarian’s office. Marley crossed the rainbow in his bed, surrounded by his family with loving praise and comfort. I know now our son won’t be afraid to share and care for another pet in the future. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for Helping Hands.
Micha S.

Putting our Gizmo to rest was the hardest desicion, he was still full of spunk and the same Ol’ lover he had been for 9 years. Although, it was devistating to lose him, the process was much easier with these wonderful folks. We were at ease, he was comfortable and our feelings were validated. It was a very pleasant experience for a very unpleasant experience. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sandi C.

When the time came for our best friend Prissy to move on, we knew the best option was to have Prissy be at home with us for the process. Our vet recommended Helping Hands Pet Hospice and with our first call in the morning, Dr. Andrews graciously and patiently spoke to us about Prissy, her condition, and our needs. Dr. Andrews was able to visit our home the same day and from the very start, Dr. Andrews provided warmth, care, patience, dignity, and respect to Prissy and us. I could not have asked for a better goodbye to Prissy who for almost 17 years, was a loyal companion. Letting a furry best friend go is incredibly tough and I did not want to say goodbye, but having the process completed at home with Dr. Andrews was perfect. Prissy was comfortable and purring through the end and I am so grateful that our vet recommended Helping Hands Pet Hospice… you rock Dr. Andrews… thank you!!
Leonardo R.

I can’t thank all of the Helping Hands staff enough. They were truly kind and caring from the first phone call I made.

Dr. Andrews was able to come to my home just a few hours after I called. She was so caring, compassionate, and calm throughout the entire process. We laid Shelby in her favorite spot on the couch. Dr. Andrews truly took her time, never was in a hurry, and cared for our sweet Shelby to make sure she was comfortable through the entire process. I will be forever great full to you for helping us and Shelby in such short notice. It means the world to our family. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Jackie B.

My husband and I were anxious and emotionally drained as we made the very difficult decision to enlist their help with the end of life for our beloved 14 year old Mandy We realized the time had come and we needed to act quickly. We reached out to helping hands very late one evening through their website and then worried that we may have waited too long to get help during the COVID-19 crisis. Early the very next morning, I had a call from Dr. Andrews and she couldn’t have been more compassionate and understanding on the phone. She made plans to be at my house several hours later which was across the bay from her. During the whole visit, she kept Mandy and us in mind and treated us with such kindness. She was especially gentle with Mandy and she calmed our fears. It was a very sad time but I don’t know who else I’d want to be there with us but Dr. Andrews. We are so appreciative of her quick actions and her professional demeanor but most of all her obvious compassion and caring for her patients. Many thanks to the team at helping hand and to Dr. Andrews.

Deborah M.

Thank you Dr B for your compassion and professionalism. You made a very difficult situation for my wife and I a lot less painful. You helped us and our amazing dog Bo through one of the hardest days. I will be sure to recommend your to anyone who is facing this difficult decision.
Steve S.

Our Pet Hospice worker came into our home when we were beside ourselves. She was patient and calm and truly made this as nice of an experience as it could be. Our dog was at home, she encouraged us to give him a treat and love on him and we truly believe he passed just as he would have loved. She was so caring and just genuine and we can’t thank her enough. It was a completely different and in my opinion better experience than having to take large dog to the vet by lifting him in and out of the car in order to do this. He went peacefully at home. We can’t thank or recommend their service enough. Truly caring and amazing!
JB & Jenny M.

I had buried a brother and both parents. Thought this would have had me a little more ready when that inevitable day came where we, as a family, had to make the most difficult decision for our most loyal, best friend a family could ever expect. Dr A listened, offered timely advice, and genuinely cared as much as we did. She would have spent the entire day with us if we needed. Our Oliver passed peacefully and comfortably over the Rainbow Bridge with all his family around in our home. No stress, no anxiety. Thank you Dr A for being able to do do what you do. We thank God there are people like you in this world.

Stephen H.

Bella was our son’s dog but a very important part of our entire family. She was a beautiful, 16 year old Chocolate Lab. She was such a sweetheart and everyone said she was a very cool girl. She was full of personality and led a very active life. She was very friendly and liked everyone. She went everywhere with our son, loved to play ball, swim in the pool, ride in the boat and accompany him on fishing trips.

Age and medical issues caught up with Bella and when we realized it was time to say goodbye, we contacted Helping Hands Pet Hospice. Dr. Cherie Buisson came to our home so Bella was able to be in the home she loved, on her own bed and surrounded and being held by those that loved her so very much. Her transition was gentle, peaceful and such a blessing.

Thank you Dr. B for your compassion and respect during this very difficult time.

Kay F.

Dear Dr.B, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compassionate and loving way you treated my sweet Bogie during this sad time.I also want to thank the kind and generous lady that allowed her donation to be used in my behalf. I am so grateful for her generous offer and I so respect and admire her pledge to this wonderful Helping Hands Pet Hospice. With much appreciation and gratitude, Pam Foxworth…
Pamela F.

Dr. Buisson is so caring, kind and compassionate. She treated our little kitty Princess Gracie, (and us) gently, and helped us work through our very difficult decision to help our precious girl over The Rainbow Bridge. I was able to hold Gracie in my lap and talk to her, which was comforting to her. Gracie was surrounded by peace and love, and was treated with dignity throughout the entire process. Dr. Buisson gave us advice on how to help our other fur babies know Gracie had passed over, and she even checked on us a couple of days later to see how we all were adapting to the change in the household. We are very grateful to Dr. Buisson.
Gina S.

I just wanted to thank Dr. B. and Wren who came to my house to help me with the Euthanasia procedure for my dog Winston. Winston has been a part of my life for the last 14years and like all pets part of my family. In such an extremely emotional and difficult time Dr. B and Wren were here to comfort me and Winston. They made the entire process so much more comfortable for Winston and my family. I would highly recommend this service if you are considering it. It it worth every single penny. They even made a paw print for me and saved a lock of hair for me to keep. Things I would have never thought to do during such as difficult time but that I am so very thankful for. Thank you Dr. B. Your amazing. Keep doing what you do because you are helping people so much during a very difficult time.

Melisa P.

We are so greatful for Dr. B. Her professionalism, and empathy for our situation was beyond our expectations. Thank you for helping us make Lincoln’s unfortunate situation as peaceful as possible. Lincoln was very special to us, and is fiercely missed!

Jessica M.

Thank you, Dr. B. and Jennifer for your exceptional and compassionate care last night with my fur baby and my family. You managed to turn an incredibly difficult situation into a beautiful and peaceful transition for all of us. I am very grateful to you both.

Noelle T.

Thank you for being there when we needed you. You are the best!

Tony & Sandy D.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. Buisson and her assistant for making a deeply difficult time easier to bare. Her professional manner was accompanied by peaceful gentleness and patience. While helping my daughter’s young Rottweiler to pass she also helped my daughter deal with this loss with gentle humor while watching Zeva bury her face in a large cake as she fell asleep. Dr. Buisson’s words to Zeva were “you are going to a place where cancer is not allowed”. Zeva went to the Rainbow bridge in her favorite pink polka-dot dress and a face full of cake. Thank you.

Carol T.

They were so compassionate as we said goodbye to our beloved Cody. The ability to do this in the privacy of our home and not have to stress him out with a car ride really brought a peace of mind and we would recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer N.

Dr. B and Wren were so thoughtful and supportive at a time I really needed someone to help my boy. They came to my home because I didn’t want to put my baby through the emotional trip of going to a Vet. It was so much better for Chance to pass at home, he had no fear or confusion to deal with. He was sleeping on my bed when they got here. We all went in the bedroom, even his cat brothers. They were all on the bed with him when he passed. This is always emotionally painful but Dr. B also made it peaceful and gentle. She handled getting him to Pet Angels for cremation and he is back home with us once again.

Gail N.

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to dr. B and Tammy. You really helped make this very hard time for my mom easier. My mom and Lizzy (cocker ) we’re able to be at home comfortable. It made things easier having you explain everything and letting my mom said the pace every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough. If anyone is having any doubts on what to do or where to turn you need to check out dr. B and staff.

Dawn P.

I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am to hold my baby as she passed from this world into God’s loving arms. Dr. B was wonderful…compassionate, loving, gentle, and kind. Honestly I can’t express how grateful I am for Dr. B.

Sherry Z.

I just want to say thank you so much for the extraordinary care that you showed to my Sadie girl. I will write more later once I collect myself and my thoughts.

Carol G.

I absolutely love that God led me to these folks. My animals are my family and I would not want my family to die on a cold table in a loud office.

They helped me transition my beloved little girl, Maggie, and I will FOREVER sing their praise for the way they handle her and the rest of the family.

Amazing, and sent straight from the Hands of God…

Hobbes C.

They were so kind and understanding, they were the best!

Lois H.

Doc B has got to be an animal angel. She was so great with PePe and us. She texted me to make sure that all of us were doing ok in the days leading up to PePe being put to sleep and texted us after to make sure we were ok. Not once did she ever look at her watch or a clock or ask us if we were ready. She took all her cues from us and gave ussas much time as we needed. She listened to our stories of PePe and even added her own story of meeting him and falling in love. It especially meant a great deal that she laid PePe in a basket with a beautiful fuzzy purple blanket as if he were just sleeping. No pet should be made to suffer and she made sure that PePe’s journey to the Rainbow Bridge was as peaceful as I could have ever hoped.

Kim H.

DocB was truly amazing throughout the process of losing my dog. I’m so grateful and recommend her to anyone.

Crystal M.

Thank you, Doc B, for assisting us through the evaluation and decision to let Ebony go. Being able to say goodbye to her at home, knowing she was at peace and surrounded by her family, was the most humane thing we could do for her. Thank you again for your kindness and compassion.

Laura L.

DocB took a very difficult situation for our sweet boy and made him and us all let him go with the grace dignity and love that surrounded our beloved LG all of his life. Myself and my husband think so very highly of Helping Hands Pet Hospice and DocB

Debi B.

I was amazed at how smoothly the very sad and stressful end of my loving dog Charlie’s life went yesterday. I called the service in the middle of the night pleading for help to take Charlie away from his pain he was in. I received a call at 8:01 am as soon as they opened and had Dr. B arrive by noon. She would have come earlier but I needed some time with my boy before I could say goodbye. Her gentle and caring way toward Charlie and us helped make what was one of the worst days of our lives much more bearable and I thank this wonderful service so much for being available to us during this difficult time🙏
Maryanne G.

Dr. Cherie was amazing. She was very compassionate and loving. This wasn’t an easy decision for my son to make but he knew it was time for Rusty to find peace and suffer no more.

Thank you for everything you did today to help us go through the process of letting go of our little Rusty dog.

Paula R.

My hands were shaking while trying to type in the phone number. The tears started to swell in my eyes when I heard the phone ringing. But then, this sweet voice answers the phone and something about her tone and her words, just instantly made it a little easier. She was very patient with me as I broke down several times and was unable to talk. She explained the process for the paperwork, and helped me get the appointment scheduled. Many times I thought about cancelling, but I am glad I didn’t. I wanted my little buddy to go out on our terms, and in the comfort of his home, instead of it being an emergency forced decision, in some strange sterile environment. As for Dr. Andrews…..well, it’s hard to find the words to accurately describe just how absolutely amazing she is. From the moment she arrived, I just knew she was going to get me through this. She was so caring and compassionate and was so gentle with my little guy, and us too. She made us feel comfortable with her right away, and very delicately explained the process step by step . She seemed to really care not only about the comfort of our dog, but about how we were feeling too. If you ever have to make this gut wrenching decision, I HIGHLY recommend Helping Hands Pet Hospice. And, they even followed up a couple of days later to let us know they were thinking of us and hoped we were doing well. Some of my family members didn’t even do that. Truly warmed my heart. Thank you HHPH for making this world a better place for animal lovers.
Kim C.

You know when they tell you the price and it’s shocking and you’re heart is breaking…
Let me tell you it’s worth every Penny
I’ve never had an experience with my dogs like I did last week. Everyone was so compassionate , professional, patient
Dr. Andrews was down right amazing
She took her time ,she let us take ours
I’ll never go to another place again
Thank you and your team for everything
Xo Dank and Zoe
Zoe M.

Dr. Buisson provided a beautiful, comforting, and most peaceful passing for our Baby Boy, Utah. This wonderful professional has found her calling in the most painful possible decisions regarding our family pets and end of life decisions. Dr. Buisson treats and comforts the entire family, giving us, the owners, a peace of mind that rises above the hopes of mental anguish . When your time of decision comes, and the time of your pet’s life is at an end, treat yourself to the gift of this amazing doctor. Your pet will thank you for making the right decision, and you will be spared the agony of guilt and sadness that comes with losing your loved pet and making the wrong choice of doctors at the end, when it’s too late. We wish you the best in this horrific time of your life.
Joe S.

As a family member that gave us so many years of love, laughs and happiness, we were determined our dog’s last breath would be at home to avoid the inconsolable fear he always experienced at a veterinarian’s office. After much research, reading Doctor B’s heartfelt reviews and studying her informative website, she was a clear choice and did not disappoint.

Doctor B. and her wonderful staff were prompt to respond to emails and text messages. Being truly concerned about how our dog was feeling, unexpected contact from Doctor B was not uncommon. After several months of palliative care, to avoid a crisis, Doctor B. was able to recognize when the time had come to say goodbye to our 18 year old dog.

Although a very sad loss for us, with Doctor B’s assistance, we are comfortable knowing that we did everything we could do to provide our dog a quality end of life for several more months. We were able to say goodbye to him in his own home, in his favorite bed surrounded by those who dearly loved him.

We are forever grateful to Dr. B. and highly recommend her to anyone faced with with the horrible decision of letting go.

Jo-Ann R.

Dr. Andrews was an absolute gem!! She made the most horrible day in our life so completely peaceful, loving, and professional!!! I can not say enough about how wonderful she made a hard day so wonderful!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care and loving touch you gave our Cali to pass over the rainbow bridge!! We highly recommend the use of your company to anyone who is faced with the most difficult decision for their loving pets.

Thank you you again soooooo much

Tracy T.

It all is a very fresh. The open wound in my heart is trying to scab over after 7 days.
For someone who has been a veterinary technician for 30 years, I have had my share of being intimately part of acts of mercy.

I can tell you from the initial inquiry if and when service may be needed to the ultimate act itself, there has been such an incredible amount of kindness.

TO YOU ALL AT HELPING HANDS, to you Jona, for all my crazy back n forth and Dr. Andrews, your utter GENUINE compassion was palatable. Your kindness with my father, your patience, I am thankful for ALL the hands you touch.

Debby W.

Excellent. Saying goodbye to my best friend was the hardest day of my life so far. Dr. B was sincere, professional and so very understanding. If I decide to get another pet and if I ever have to make this decision again, I would 100% reach out to Helping Hands Pet Hospice.
Christy P.

Thank you Dr B for making our Lilly’s transition to her new journey a peaceful one. We were able to hold and love her one last time in our home and arms and that was truly a blessing for us. It’s the hardest decision anyone has to make but when it’s time, it’s the right one. Lilly is now pain free and running with her BFF Jake. We appreciate Dr B and her kindness in helping us say goodbye to our precious girl.
Joanna & Frank C.

A heartfelt Thank you to Dr. Andrews and all the Helping Hands Pet Hospice staff. My Staffordshire Terrier Timmy had a very hard life before he came to me as a foster dog. He was very sick when he arrived and we had to fight for every inch of his life to get him better. After that we just could not part and I became a foster fail and just kept my sweet boy. Dr. A. has been with me and Timmy for the 3 1/2 years Timmy was part of my family. At the beginning of February my old sweet boy started to fade fast and we had to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge on 02/10/2021. Dr. A. made the this heartbreaking process so peaceful, gentle and quiet that Timmy fell asleep in arms after munching on a what seemed a never ending supply of treats. He was so calm and happy when he left his old body behind. I will always miss you my big, sweet, cuddly old man; until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!
Sabine J.

During an all ready tough time, I can not thank all of the staff at Helping Hands enough. From my initial contact, to making a very hard appt, to the follow-up text to check on me, they held my hand and showed such compassion and grace. A very special thank you to Dr. Andrews. She is an angel of a veterinarian. Thanks for your compassion and respect ! I have, and will continue to recommend Helping Hands to everyone !
Debbie E.

We want to say THANK YOU so much to Dr.B for the compassion and dignity she offered our beloved Meeka yesterday. This was one of the hardest decisions my wife and I ever had to make, because Meeka had a cancerous tumor under her tongue and wasn’t going to get any better, so the decision had to be made very quickly to send her to heaven. A little history, Dr. B actually worked on Meeka aka “Bumble” when she arrived at the SPCA in Largo at the tender age of 12 weeks with both her ears purposely cut completely off. When we adopted her, we changed her name to Meeka, which means monkey in Spanish, and the name just fit. Fast forward 11 years, and Dr. B is again taking care of Meeka for a much different reason…to ensure she leaves this world in the most peaceful and dignified way. I can honestly say Dr. B is the most compassionate and loving Vet/Person we have ever met! She made one of the most difficult and painful days of our lives easier to deal with. Her compassion and attention to the animal is amazing. We wanted the best for our Meeka, and we got it plus 1000 with Dr.B. She is an ANGEL in Vets clothes. God bless you and everything you do…we will NEVER EVER call any other person when that time comes again. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Manny M.

My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of Dr B. Her calming energy and emotional support helped us be there for Simon. What was a heart wrenching experience was made bearable.
Rachel S.

Thank you, Dr B., for your patience and understanding as we struggled with this decision. We are heartbroken, but with your help, we were able to give our sweet Bean a gentle and dignified send-off. We are grateful.
Dalene F.

Dr. Andrews came out today to help my Tinkerbell peacefully go to the rainbow bridge. She was so professional and caring that it made it easier for our decision and the fact that we could let her pass peacefully in her bed also helped. She even took a few minutes to let our other cats say goodbye then put her in the front seat with her in her little basket. She was just taken care of with such dignity that it helped make the whole process a little easier. I would definitely recommend Dr. Andrews and appreciate everything she did for us!

Heather B.

DocB and Dr. Anderson were caring, responsive, and compassionate when we had to put our beloved kitty down. Dr. Anderson did the actual procedure in our home and she was just the right mix of professionalism with warmth. She even followed up the next day to check up on us. They made a terrible experience as bearable as possible. I would recommend them to anyone who has to go through this with their pet.

Stephanie S.

I first me Doc B in Nov of 2016. Since that time, she has helped me through so, so very much – and not just having to send my family members to the Bridge, she has helped me through much, much more than that through text messages and phone calls.

We first met when I had to send my little girl Maggie Home on 11/30/16. I had called her service three times and kept hanging up without leaving a message because the decision was so difficult for me to make (sending Maggie Home). She called me back and expressed concern that she had received 3 hangup calls from my number without a message being left and she knew there must be something going on. I burst into tears and told her the story. She talked with me on the phone and because of her compassion, gentle understanding, and incredible patience, I knew that I was going to use her to help Maggie cross over. It was made abundantly clear to me that I had been led to her for this most difficult time. When Doc B came to my home, I was able to hold Maggie on my lap, in the comfort of Maggie’s home, as Doc B gently opened the door for Maggie to go Home.

Doc B continued to be there for me and Maggie’s sister, Hobbes. Over the next 4 years, after Maggie was called Home, I started dealing with many medical issues with my 19-year-old girl, Hobbes, and those medical issues began to take their toll on her little body. When I recently had to make the ultimate decision (the hardest decision I have ever made in my life because I had a bond with Hobbes like no other bond I have ever had with any living soul), Doc B was patient and just let me know through many text messages and phone calls, that she was there when Hobbes and I were ready. Doc B knew Hobbes was ready, but she also knew that I was not ready. After a couple of days watching the horrible life Hobbes was now living (no quality of life), I knew, without a doubt, I had to allow her to go home and be with her sister, Maggie.

Doc B came to our house on 4/7/20 and as Hobbes lay beside me on the couch, paw on my arm, Doc B did what she does best, she gave Hobbes and I a moment to say our final goodbye to each other…, and then she gently sent Hobbes to her new home to be with her sister.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Helping Hands Pet Hospice, and especially for a wonderful human being, Dr. Cherie Buisson (aka: Doc B)

Carol G.

I live in Nebraska and have not used any services with this facility, but I feel compelled to leave a comment about Dr. B. I had to euthanize my beautiful cat and was not coping well with it. I read an article that Dr. B had written online and I reached out to her for answers in an email. I expressed that I was not local and could never use her services so I understood if she didn’t respond. Within hours I had a detailed, knowledgeable, heart-felt response that helped me tremendously. She informed me that if I needed anything in the future to reach out to her. I think this speaks volumes about Dr. B’s character and passion for her profession and the people/animals she helps. She had no gain to help me other than to help and she took time out of her busy life for me. This is an impossibly difficult situation that we all face and I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Dr. B to be by your side in the process. Thank you, Dr. B.
Rebecca S.

Dr Cherie was the kindest most compassionate individual under the most heart wrenching circumstances. I couldn’t possibly recommend her higher. If you are in need of hospice care or in-home end of life services for your beloved pet you will be 110% satisfied with her loving care and professionalism.
Ann J.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience given the circumstances associated with this service. Dr. B was overly accommodating, and a pleasure to interact with. I cannot speak more highly of her or this organization, and we will absolutely utilize her again in the future.
Thank-you for creating a peaceful memory for all involved.
Michael B.

Our family dog of 13 years, Sadie, was terminal due to cancer and we engaged Helping Hands by referral – to guide and assist her journey. Dr. B arrived at the appointed time and the experience was one of gentle greatness, empathy, and kindness. Sadie was put to ease through Dr. B’s technique and experience. Once settled in with friendship and love, both from us and Dr. B; at exactly the right time the process was completed without pain, suffering, or apprehension. An incredible experience – one of family and love; one that I would wish for everyone who may find themselves in this place. Our thanks is great and wonderful.

Jon and Sherry H.

Within the span of about one week, as I became more aware and responsive as to what I had to do to prevent suffering for my best friend Chloe, I easily transitioned into gradual trust and dependence on Dr B‘s option of in-home mercy and was graced to be able to use that option. I had never met the doctor before but I felt completely comfortable, and Dr. B validated my decision and eased me through the grieving process. She was professional and available to us in our hour of need. Thank you, Helping Hands.

Sheree A.

Thank you Dr. B at Helping Hands for helping our Hunter pass so peacefully. The hardest part was the phone call requesting the service. You showed amazing insight of Hunter and learned his unique story. He knew you were here to help, and you took charge so that we could spend time saying goodbye.

We are truly grateful for the perfect care you gave him. We also truly appreciate your messages and card of reassurance. We thanked our veterinarian for giving us your contact information and told them how well you cared for our special boy.

Leah & Dillon

It’s a very sad day when we have to say goodbye to our fur babies. Today Dr. B helped our family say goodbye to our beautiful Italian Greyhound, Bandit. She was 16 years old and could no longer walk or see or hear. Her nickname was Snaggle-tooth because she only had 2 teeth left. But we loved her! Dr. B was amazing. She was gentle, compassionate and caring. She handled the situation with our boys (12 and 14) so wonderfully. Thank you for making such a difficult time a little easier and making it so beautiful.

Grace A.

I am so impressed by the compassion shown to my beloved pet and also the support i recieved as caregiver and best friend to Beauregard. I have been in the medical field over 40 yrs as an xray and ulrasound tech. I am so relieved to not be alone in the decision making process concerning the care and end of care of a beloved pet. I have felt guilt in the past having to make the decision on the end of life care of a pet. Did i do everything i could, did i have other options? Is he in pain? I can’t get him to the vet due to back and hip disabilities, did that play a role in the decision i made? I felt all my questions were addressed, i was not rushed. Dr B was very flexible with my work schedule and my Beau really felt comfortable with her. So far i am very happy with his care and highly recommend her for anyone in my situation and she probably is able to adapt to a multitude of situations because character, poise, confidence and expertise is always a winning combination. I highly recommend her. We have a long way to go but i feel less stressed overall.

Pat S.

Dr. B was priceless getting us through it all. She patiently helped me cope up to a month before Sir Disco went to sleep and the day of she was patient, kind and understanding. What a blessing and very dignified. Words can’t express my/our gratitude.

Jennifer C.

Dr.B is an amazing and caring person. We could not have said good bye to Little D aka Dresden in such a peaceful manner. Thank you so much – Melissa and Natalie and Little D

Natalie A.

I wanted to personally thank you for all you did for us and Princess yesterday. I was hurting so bad I couldn’t really speak. So please don’t take that personal. I just couldn’t say much without bursting into tears. But you and you’re helper did a amazing job. And I couldn’t have found better people to help us help her cross rainbow bridge. And the lake setting, with the birds signing all around us, the gator swimming by was just the most beautiful send off I have ever witnessed. And I’m glad that’s the place she got to see last before crossing that bridge. Thank you so much for the clay print. That alone made this so much better for me. You didn’t know that I spent the day before trying to get her print, but it just wasn’t working. So I was going to settle for a paint paw print. But now I have both. She is my baby, I miss her so much. But at least I have a piece of her still here with me. Thank you so much! You all are great. R.I.P Princess. 7-28-16

Amanda B.

Everything happened so fast, 16-years with my best friend came to a screeching halt in less than a couple of hours. I’ve NEVER met Doc B before Thursday, but gave her a call and met her in less than 30-minutes. She was amazing, comforting, respectful and (most importantly), she had TONS of patience. She even asked if I wanted our photo taken (I was a wreck) and now I have one last memory with my best friend. Vix and I sat by the lake, he ate handfuls of treats, and was pain-free! Thank you for being such a compassionate person, Doc B!

Brian R.

Having found Dr. B was the best thing that could have ever happened for us and Mowzer. She is an amazing doctor and a caring, compassionate presence when we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat. The care she took coming to our home during such an emotional moment made the hardest thing I have ever done bearable as she gave us comfort and strength to show our ultimate love for our pet by letting him go in peace and love. =^..^=

Sara E.

Having at-home services available for our mastiff, who was having issues getting around, was the most wonderful gift. Dr. B put us all at ease with what to expect. My big guy was at peace and pain-free, at home, surrounded by his family. We are very grateful for Dr. B.

Pam S.

I have worked as a tech for Dr.Buisson, she taught me so much about quality of life and compassion. It is something to this day I have carried with me as a vet tech. I owe it all to her example.

Kelly C.

Given the circumstances, my kitty Gatino, 15 years old, had renal failure and I had to make the difficult decision to put her to rest. Dr. Buisson was incredibly comforting and kind and compassionate, while being uplifting and making me feel very secure in my decision. It is NEVER easy, but this experience was the best I could receive for my baby. I miss her and will always suffer and grieve because she was just so special. But her way to Rainbow Bridge was comforting and peaceful!

Chrissy A.

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