We are still assisting families during the coronavirus pandemic. We are reducing the number of appointments per day to allow for sanitizing/changing out everything between appointments. We are currently fielding double our usual volume of appointment requests. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can do our best to be available when you need us. Thank you and please stay safe.

Meet Our Team

Why choose us?

Pets nearing the end of their lives are often anxious, in pain, or difficult to move. Having our veterinary team come to you is an excellent way to reduce this stress. Dr. Buisson is Certified in Low Stress Handling® and will do everything in her power to keep your pet comfortable and happy during the visit. Personal observation of your pet’s environment also allows our team to make better recommendations for your pet’s comfort. For many dogs and cats, simple changes to their living arrangements can greatly improve their quality of life. You can also be more confident in the care of your pet knowing our support is just a phone call, text or email away.

When the time comes for your pet’s euthanasia, privacy and comfort are of utmost importance. We don’t want you worried about loud noises, curious strangers, or other distractions. Our focus (and yours) should be for your pet only. We want them in their bed, on their favorite couch, or on your lap. We want you to be able to express your feelings without the worry of being overheard. Most of all, we want you, your family, and your other pets to take the time you need to say goodbye. Each in-home euthanasia appointment is scheduled for a full hour, and you can take as much of that time as you want. We respect the bond you have with your pet and encourage you to share how we can help your family feel more peaceful during our visit. Hospice and palliative care appointments last from 1-3 hours.

Meet The Team!
Dr. Cherie Buisson

Dr. Cherie Buisson

Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian
Low Stress Handling (TM) Silver Certified

Dr. Cherie Buisson is a 2000 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She started making pet hospice house calls in 2011 and found them to be the most fulfilling part of her practice. She is one of the first Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarians in the world, and the first to practice in the state of Florida. DocB is a Dachshund fanatic who enjoys reading, cycling, canoeing, and quilting.

Photo courtesy of Urban Dog Studio.

Dr. Camille Andrews

Dr. Camille Andrews

Fear Free Certified

Dr. Camille Andrews is a 2009 graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is a veterinary acupuncturist and is completing her certification from the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL. Dr. Andrews is obsessed with orchids and enjoys cycling, paddle boarding, and playing the guitar.

Photo courtesy of Urban Dog Studio.

Photograph provided by Laurie Meehan-Elmer.

Photo courtesy of A Happy Vet

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Dr. Buisson speaks around the world on hospice, euthanasia and compassion fatigue. If you would like to have her speak to your group, please fill out the information below.