No matter how much I lecture on the subject, I have trouble convincing people (myself included!) to practice good self-care. When you are a caretaker, self-care is even more important than usual. You can’t help others if you are exhausted and miserable.

So, my dogs Frieda and Schatzie are going to see if a dose of cuteness will help cure what ails you. I assure you, they know what they’re talking about. These are some seriously happy, care-free dogs!

1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Drink water all day long

3. Meditate, do yoga, or just breathe deeply

4. Exercise – by yourself or with a friend.

5. Ask for what you need

6. Have a hobby

7. Speak up when someone crosses your boundaries.

8. Whether they are a friend, colleague or therapist, have someone you can trust with your secrets.

9. Spend quality time with the ones you love – and that includes time by yourself.

10. Be grateful for all that you have and all that you have learned.

Please take care of yourselves. You are important.

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