For Pet Owner Events

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Dr. Buisson has decades of experience ushering families through managing senior pets and end of life care.  Here are some topics pet parents have found useful:

  • Assessing Quality of Life
  • Signs of Pain in Pets
  • How to Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye
  • How to Discuss Euthanasia as a Family
  • Doggy Dementia
  • Managing Pets With Mobility Issues
  • Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis in Pets
  • Self-Care for Caregivers

For Veterinary Professionals

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Dr. Buisson is available to speak at your event in person or virtually. She can tailor her talks to suit your needs or provide a workshop experience.

  • Compassionate Closure: End-of-Life Care for Veterinary Professionals
  • Pain Control Boot Camp
  • Getting Comfortable with Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Imposter Syndrome: If You Think You Suck, You’re Probably Wrong
  • Colleague or Competition: Unlearn What You Have Learned
  • Private Practice Isn’t Your Cup of Tea
  • The Privilege and Responsibility of Euthanasia for Veterinary Professionals (geared toward veterinary/technician students)
  • Sock It To Me: Creating a Culture of Respect in Your Practice
  • Compassion Fatigue Workshop (up to 5 hours)
  • How to Achieve Happiness in Veterinary Medicine
  • Tough Cases in Euthanasia
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Euthanasia
  • Euthanasia Techniques: Pre-sedation, Catheters, Alternate Routes
  • Personal and House Call Safety
  • Hospice Medicine 101

Ask me to speak at your event!

Dr. Buisson speaks around the world on hospice, euthanasia and veterinary team and caretaker wellness. If you would like to have her speak to your group, please fill out the information below.

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